(australian dollar)



a5 starting from $120

a4 starting from $200

a3 starting from $280

a2 starting from $400

Prices may vary depending on the colour and 'curliness' of the animal. DARK and curly fur are very labour intense and needs to be factored into the price.

email you photos to where You can expect a quote within 24 hours.

ensure all photos are clear AND in focus. tHE MORE DETAIL IN THE PHOTO, THE more DETAIl in the portrait.

tip : As they say 'the eyes they window to the soul'. good eye DEFINITIOn will CAPTURE their TRUE SOUL.

Prices may vary depending on the colour and 'curliness' of the animal. pets with DARK curly fur REQUIRe twice the amount time.

each portrait can take anywhere between 2-3 days depending on the size.

prices are for bust only. full body PORTRAits will be quoted upon request. 

delivery and lead times 

Delivery within AUSTRALIA $12 (excluding frame)

once the artist and client have agreed on the right image, the client can expect to receive the PORTRAit within 3 weeks.

delivery within the sydney region can be hand delivered at no extra cost.

portraits will be carefully rolled and securely placed into a protective postal tube. THE portrait will roll flat once out of the tube for a few hours.

international shipping is available and will charged on current conversion rate. Shipping times vary from country to country so keep this in mind when ordering for a special occasion. eXPRESS Shipping is an available at a premium rate. 

all portraits are sprayed on completion to prevent smudging (within reason!)


A 50% deposit is required to secure the order. 

The REMAINING 50% will be required BEFORE Shipping.proof of PAYMENT is required before shipping,

bank Details will be issued by the artist.

iNTERNATIONAL PAYMENTS will be via paypal which WILL INCURE A $10 fee.